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Big Cat


7’2 x 22 ½”x 2 15/16” x 47.5 litres

Sizes from 6’6 to 7’8.

For many years the Fat Cat has been a popular choice for many high-performance surfers, it’s now unique concave deck shape defines this model. When you think about it a concave deck on surfboard is completely logical. Here are some reasons why:

When paddling your body is lower in the board so you get more traction through your shoulders, and this factor also helps stability.

A concave deck is a better ergonomic shape for your chest.

We are putting the volume where it is most needed, in the rails so although these boards have less volume than a conventional deck shape, they are more efficient and easier to manage through white water.

On the pop up your hands fall higher than your chest giving you more clearance for your feet to come under your body.

When surfing your feet are closer to the bottom of the board so you get more ‘feel’ and more response. A concave deck gives your feet a better natural grip, and again has better ergonomics for pushing and depressing the rail.

The bottom shape features a single to double concave with a slight ‘V’ in the tail. The rocker line is smooth and continuous with 5 ¼” nose lift and 2 ½” of tail lift (on the 7’2 version). The Outline is full for maximum stability and wave catchability.

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