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Fat Cat


Model: Fat Cat
Condition: New
Features: Concave Deck, Single to double concave bottom shape, Smooth low rocker for maximum speed and wave count, Convert M5 + GX Fin System

Most popular small wave govel board that still works on bigger stuff.

A well established board in our shortboard range is the 'Fat Cat' this board comes in at 21" wide on the 5'6" so it has a lot of planning area for it’s length and with the single to double concave has heaps of drive. The moderate flat rocker line on the Fat Cat mean it just flies around the slack sections,and with a curvy outline the board turns off the bottom and top of the wave. This board also features a concave deck; this makes so much sense in every way. When you are paddling the board is naturally more comfortable and stable, on take off moving your feet to a standing position is much quicker and easier because your hands are now higher than your feet. When surfing you are standing on a shape that is going to react quicker to heel and toe pressure, as used on most skate board decks. I've designed the board so that the rail section and volume are the same as the board would have if it had a conventional deck shape . You’ll be surfing this board a lot shorter than your standard performance board take at least 4” off the length. Give us a call for any advise you may want.

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