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Flying Carpet

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The Flying Carpet is a compact version of a longboard it is our most popular retro style board, fun for a beginner or intermediate surfer looking to get to grips with ‘down the line surfing’ or a good surfer looking for a fun styling mid length surfboard. The Flying Carpet is a stable platform, with good weight carrying ability. The rocker is designed to balance good paddle speed, wave catching and manoeuvrability; you can expect to have a high wave count in the line up. Centre fin and detachable side biters included, so surf The Flying Carpet as either a single fin or 2+1 cruiser. This Flying Carpet comes with a beautiful red tinted bottom laminate with black pin line and bright gloss finish; total style.

You’ll be surprised how short you can surf a Flying Carpet, let us help you choose the right size to suit your surfing ability.

Single fin & sides.
Rounded pin tail.

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