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Lolly Stick Mid-length

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Construction: Polyurethane foam /Bio Sap Epoxy laminate, orange nose tint.
High performance: round pin tail, more parallel mid-section, fuller nose
Rocker: Progressive tail lift, flatter mid-section and moderate nose lift.
Concaves: Double concaves from nose to tail, with maximum depth between the feet.
‘V’: Slight ‘v’ in nose and tail tip to enhance the rocker line and aid take off and low catch.
Foil (thickness flow): Thinned out nose and tail, quite parallel through the mid-section.
Rail Shape: Moderately low rounded rails through the mid-section, thinner rounded rails with more tuck in the nose. Lower boxy rails in the tail with hard bottom edge.
Fin System: FCS11 Convert triquad, Lolly stick, surfed as thruster, quad, twin or 2 ½.
Rider Ability: All abilities from first time short board to high performance surfer.
Eponymously named the Lolly Stick is almost a ‘double ender’ (same nose and tail width). Designed to give reasonable carrying capacity and both fore and aft and lateral stability. With the thinned-out nose, tail and rail sections making the Lolly Stick responsive through the turns and control when surfing bigger and faster waves.

Lots of speed and drive is derived from the outline, double concaves and sharp rail edges in the tail of the board.

The Lolly Stick can be surfed hard and fast in big waves where progressive surfers will not be disappointed by the boards ability to stick it. Learner and intermediate surfers will be comforted by the Lolly Stick’s ease of surfing; from paddling though white water, catching waves, to getting to grips with your first carve turn.

This one comes in Biosap Epoxy / Polyurethane construction. With distinctive orange nose tint. Suck it and see how much you’ll love surfing the Lolly Stick.

6’8 x 21 ¾” x 2 15/16 x 47.9 litres

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