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The Trim

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We are excited present you with a new style of mid length surfboard. The ‘Trim’ is not a long shortboard or a short longboard. The Trim has been objectively designed as a midlength surfboard.

We wanted to design a surfboard that paddles fast, catch waves early, glide across and up and down the wave as well as take a hard bottom turn and round house cut back it’s stride. We’ve loved designing and testing the prototypes of the Trim, and with the criteria to be fulfilled we have come up with a beauty.

The outline of the Trim is relatively parallel, with gentle curves towards a pulled in nose and thumb squash tail. The rocker is a graceful and continuous curve. The bottom shape features flat ‘V’ in the tail to rolled ‘V’ and finally a moderate hull shaped nose. The rails are thin and boxy in the tail to eggy at the midpoint to high in the nose.

The Trim suits many surfers in all sorts of waves. Those looking for their first true mid- length responsive surfboard, Longboarders wanting a compact ride that will take on bigger faces. Disgruntled shortboarder’s seeking a high wave count in smaller waves. Learner’s wishing to progress their surfing ability in all waves.

Surf the Trim off the back and take advantage of those thin tail rails for full bodied cornering. Or more passively from further forward, the Trim will let you do that with minimum foot movement if you wish. Either way we think you’ll enjoy riding this surfboard as much as we do.

This Trim is fitted with an FCS 10" centre box. Moving the centre fin forwards and back will make a big difference to how the board surfs, so play and have fun. Featuring a beautiful bottle green tint with pinlines on the deck this board is a stunner.

We make the Trim in 'normal sizes from 6'8 up to 8'2" fitted with either single fin, single + side bites or single + quads in either FCS11 or Future fin boxes. Then of course you can choose the colours and construction in either epoxy or polyester laminate. So give us a call, email, or drop in and get all the details of the fabulous options we can offer.

We sometimes have this board on demo so give us a call for a try before you buy.

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