The Maluku Surfboard brand started as a project between Escape Surfboards and Magic Seaweed in 2014 where they wanted us to design and build boards for a discerning market of surfers looking for a range of user-friendly boards that would work in a wide range of surf conditions.   The range started with the Flying Frog based on our Wasp template, the Genie model from our Flying Carpet, and the Fish Cake based on our very popular Peanut.   Since then, many more models and have come to enhance the Maluku brand. 

Businesses come and grow then get sold, then stuff happens.  In 2015 Magic Seaweed was bought out by Australian online store Surfstitch who also bought Surfdome.   In 2017 Surfstitch had problems and the group was split with Magic Seaweed being sold to Surfline, and Surfdome being bought by Internet Fusion.  So for the last 8 or so years we have been making the Maluku boards and they have been sold exclusively on the Surfdome website.

Unfortunately, Surfdome as of Friday the 28th April have effectively gone into administration.   This is a bit tricky for us at Escape as Maluku has been a big part of our production and kept Bill, Curtis and Kou fairly busy.   Surfdome of course owe us money and we will try to recover the stock from their warehouse which is conveniently placed in the midlands.  We also have Maluku stock here which was due to be delivered to Surfdome in March 2023.

So, for the foreseeable future you will see Maluku surfboards offered on our website.  The Maluku surfboards are all made here in Rock and come in fixed colours and lengths which will be shown in the pictures attached to the product listing.  We can of course make you a custom board to your specific lengths, widths, volume, fin set up, construction and colours.  The prices of Maluku boards are very competitive for boards of such quality.

We have surfed all these boards so can give you proper advice based on experience to help you choose the right surfboard so suit your needs.  We sometimes have demo boards of these models to try at our local beaches only a 10-minute drive from our showroom, which is the very best way to ensure that your purchase will be bang on.

We will be loading the available boards on to our shop page as soon as possible.

See below our current live stock list of Maluku surfboards available.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any more information.

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