7'0 Bobby

On sale

Principle Features of the Trim Too:
• Construction: Eps Marco foam, Antrophy Bio Sap Epoxy resin, 1 6oz glass bottom with fin and nose patches. 6oz + 4oz Glass deck with tail patch
• Outline: Full egg shape with thumb squash tail.
• Rocker: Super Smooth nose to tail for minimum resistance.
• Bottom Shape: Rolled ‘V’ nose to flat ‘V’ in the tail.
• Rails: 50:50 in centre medium full, low thin and blady in tail, high and rounded in the nose.
• Fin System: 10” FCS Centre box, side FCS11 fin plugs. Needs a big ol' 9" Fin to drive all that surface area in the tail.

Imagine you take our famous Escape Trim (Maluku Aura) surfboard shape and want it to work in small grovel waves? You want to catch the waves that only the mals and soft boards can get, but you want to surf those waves rather than just go in a straight line. You want the board to glide into the take off be stable and then respond to your foot pressure, cut back float, re-enter the wave, move all over the face of the wave.
So that was the premiss that I started with. Subtly widen, thicken the Trim so as to preserve that boards attributes as a star mid length performance surfboard it was just a little more complicated than just a fattening job.
Made in the lightest, most responsive and eco-friendly construction available to us at Escape. We must have a light and stiff hull in small waves to get the best back from our efforts.
So, the one you see here is a prototype and we are putting it out to you to come and try. We will make Trim Too’s to order to suit your needs. Let’s face it there are plenty of days when you need this board.
Its’ vital stats are:
Length 7’0 Wide 23” Thickness 3 1/8” Volume 56 litres.
Give us a call and give it a go….

Having surfed this board a few times I urge you to come and give it a try. If you've ever been frustrated that soft boards catch all the waves but then they don't surf, they just go in a straight line then Bobby will be the perfect andidote to that. Bobby has been test surfed so is now on sale at a brilliant price. Come and give him a try before you buy...