7-8 Brother Yellow Tint with Inserts


Everybody needs a Brother in their lives whether literally or figuratively.
The Brother surfboard made by Escape Surfboards is the archetypal one size fits all board; small waves, big waves, beach or break point breaks travel companion or the one that goes in the back of the van for everyday surfing.
The Brother features an extended egg outline with the wide point forward of the centre line putting the centre of volume and surface area under your chest for easy fast paddling and take off. Having a more pulled in nose outline than a typical midlength makes for easier duck dive or push through oncoming waves.
The moderate rocker line and rolled ‘V’ in the nose of the Brother are also the attributes that make the board so easy to paddle and catch waves.
Riding the Brother is a joy, with easy rail to rail transitions helped by the rolled ‘V’ nose to flat ‘V’ in the tail coupled with the medium thin rails give maximum hold and drive. Surfing the board either as a single fin, centre fin with side bites or the quad fin option the Brother is always forgiving and reliable whether charging powerful waves or pumping to gain down the line speed in musher conditions.
Choose the size Brother relative to your weight, surfing ability and the size of waves you are most likely to encounter. If in doubt, contact us for free no obligation advice. As well as the standard sizes we also offer bigger versions (wider and thicker); the Big Brother and believe it or not a 2 fin version called the Twin Brother, it’s almost like we thought of it!
When available we have some sizes to test surf, so get hold of us and ask for a free trial.

This one is 7'8 x 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" x 56 litres it has 5 1/2" nose lift and 2 3/8" tail rocker
Polyester resin on Arctic foam core, Yellow resin tint with tint inserts top and bottom, silver grey pinlines set it this beautiful board off. We can ship this board anywhere in the UK for £40. Supplie with side fins in the price. Choose a centre fin that suits your needs. We have bags and leashes in stock.