9-2 Barnstormer Progressive Step Up Surfboard

£749.00 - £819.00

9’2 x 22 5/8” x 2 7/8” x 68 Litres
Arctic Polyurethane foam core, Polyester Resin Laminate.
FCS 10” Centre box, FCS11 side boxes,
The outline design features a nose width of 14 ½” and tail width of 14 3/8” with the wide point at 56” from the tail.
The rocker has 3 ½” of tail lift and 5 ½” of nose rocker.
The bottom shape has an entry of ‘V’ in the nose to single concave at the mid-point with flowing to double concave with slight ‘V’ between the fins to flat ‘V’ at the tail tip.
The deck shape is rolled to low refined rails at the centre of the surfboard to hard square rails in the tail and lifted rounded rails in the nose.
The Barnstormer surfboard emerges as a distinctive creation crafted to meet the preferences of surfers seeking a longboard experience without the bulk associated with traditional full-nose Malibu-style boards. This board is not exclusively designed for tackling big waves; rather, it redefines the longboard concept by departing from the full nose, resulting in a curvier outline. By moving the wide point further back and narrowing the nose, the Barnstormer offers a unique blend of agility and manoeuvrability.
The intentional departure from the full nose concept has practical advantages, especially when dealing with heavier white water. The Barnstormer is designed to be easily managed in challenging conditions, providing surfers with a versatile board that can be enjoyed surfing from both the middle and back, allowing for effortless cruising.
Boasting a volume of 68 litres, the Barnstormer still excels in small to medium-small waves, making it a suitable choice for a broad range of surfers. This surfboard is not confined to traditional categories; it doesn't fit the mold of a gun, progressive mal, or glider. Instead, it carves its own niche as a unique and versatile design, establishing a distinct category of its own.
For those intrigued by the Barnstormer's innovative design, the offer to try one out before making a purchase reflects the commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether dropping in or contacting the team, surfers are encouraged to explore the potential of the Barnstormer and assess its compatibility with their individual preferences. Furthermore, the customization option ensures that the parameters of the board can be adjusted to create a Barnstormer that perfectly suits one's weight, surfing ability, and the specific wave conditions they intend to navigate. The Barnstormer stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of surfboard design and offering surfers a unique and personalized riding experience.

Prices include side FCS11 Fins and VAT