Maluku Fish Cake

£615.00 - £655.00

Standard Dimensions:

Length Width Thickness Volume (Ltr)

6'0" 21” 2 ¾” 38
6'3" 21 ½” 2 13/16” 42
6'6" 22” 2 7/8” 46
6’9” 22 ½” 2 15/16” 50

Principle Features of the Maluku Fish Cake
• Construction: PU/PE (polyurethane blank with polyester resin) with a standard glass job (1 x 4oz layer on the bottom, 2 x 4oz layers on the deck)
• Shaper: Bill Attlee
• Fin System: FCS II
• Fin Set-Up: 5-fin (surf as a thruster or a quad)
• Fins Included: 5 x FCS II fins.
• Outline: Modern Performance fish with medium full nose, central wide point, curve through the outline
• Nose: Medium Full
• Tail: Winged Swallow for pivot and hold.
• Rocker: Fairly flat through the board with kick in the tail
• Bottom Shape: Light double concave in the nose with ‘V’, Single concave in the mid-section to Double concave and then ‘V’ in the tail tip.
• Rails: Medium full mid, low and boxy in the tail with ‘hard’ bottom edge lots of release!
• Rider Ability: Perfect first shortboard to high performance grovel board, just choose the size.
• Suitable Conditions: Small to medium large waves.
The Maluku Fish Cake features a classic egg outline with a full and rounded shape, you just know that the board will have that ‘chuck about’ character. In its smaller sizes with a high-performance surfer on board, the Fish Cake would be an ultimate grovel machine to squeeze the best out of the worst. Take it up a few sizes and the Fish Cake turns into a forgiving mentor for a first time shortboarder. Easy and stable to paddle, early to plane and take off, will get you on your feet and flying across the wave face, you’re on your way. With its fast outline, rocker and rail shape the Fish Cake will speed across the flat spots and make the soft sections that most boards will not pass.

The Fish Cake comes supplied with FCS11 fins to surf out of the box either as a thruster or quad. Thruster for maybe those open-faced days and quad when the sections are running fast and/or the wave face is a little chopped up. Always worth experimenting with the fin set up to get the best out of your surfboard.

The Fish Cake comes standard with black rail decoration, we at Escape can custom make your board to your choice in any model, contact us for details and pricing.

Please ask us to help you choose the right size board that is going to give you maximum fun.