Image of The Dew Drop

The Dew Drop


9’6 x 24 ¼” x 3 7/16” x 95.5 Litres

Sizes from 8’0" – 10’0"

The DewDrop is designed specifically to get the maximum volume possible from the shortest lengths, while still retaining good surfing characteristics.

The plan shape is full and wide in the nose and midpoint where the outline retains a parallel curve until sweeping to a more modest 16 ½” tail. So we are maximizing the floatation and stability through the centre of the board, but when you step back on to the tail to turn you will be able to pivot your way into the next section.

To keep the board loose we have a rolled ‘V’ section in the nose flowing to ‘V’ double concave beside the fin box. FCS11 or Future side bites will be fitted.

The deck is flat in the centre rolling to medium ‘egg shaped’ rails at the wide point and forward, and then back to square with a hard bottom edge in the tail. This rail configuration gives you nice easy to turn no catch rails back to good release off the back.

The DewDrop in the bigger sizes will suit heavier surfers looking for a compact general purpose longboard that will catch waves like a soft board but have great wave riding properties.

We will be making more samples of this board soon.

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