Image of 7'2 Big Twin Polyester

7'2 Big Twin Polyester


7'2 x 21 1/4" x 2 13/16" 53 litres

Construction, Arctic PU foam with Polyester laminate. Future twin fin boxes.

At Escape we don’t believe that mid length boards should be either big short boards or short longboards but should be designs in their own right. Our local surf break (Polzeath) tends to give us waves with long slopes and long paddle outs through a lot of white water. Pretty much the same as any other beachie in the UK. So, we are always looking to design boards that cope with these conditions but yet still be capable of taking on other waves of different character; reef breaks, point breaks, shorter steeper waves. Where the criteria in board design is slightly different.
In the designing the BigTwin we are exploring the opportunities that the new Twin Fins from Future and FCS11 provide. A selection of well-designed fins that you can interchange easily to get the best out of your board in every specific wave type.
With this design we are looking at a shape that is powerful with a fairly straight outline with the wide point 3” forward of the centre. The rocker is modest in the nose 4 7/8” and continuous with medium tail lift 2 9/16”, there are no flat spots on the stringer line. The bottom sections feature slight ‘V’ in the nose to flat with double concave at the wide point to ‘V’ in the tail with 4 channels running inside the fin boxes, running out to a round pin, crescent, or rounded squash tail.
The deck shape is moderately domed rolling to medium low rounded rails at the midpoint with a tucked edge, rounded soft rail in the nose section. With hard edge at the tail and just forward of the fins.
The bottom and rail shape dictate that this is a board with plenty of drive and natural speed, the flexibility of the twin fin system combined with the channels ensures that the board will be loose but still have great hold when pushing bottom turns. More upright dolphin style fins would be used for turning the smallest radius and a longer based modern keel fin for more directional stability or coping with choppy water.
We make this board in sizes varying from 6’6 to 7’9. Get in touch with us if you are unsure what size would best suit you, your surfing and the waves that you normally ride.
This board is in the new rack and we have one to test so come over and give it a try before you buy...... Price excludes the fins

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