9-3 Stepper Longboard Polyola Blank Resin Tint Laminate


The Stepper Longboard

This example 9’3 x 23 1/8" x 3 3/16" x 84 litrs
*Construction:Polyola Polyurethane Foam blank, Polyester Resin Laminate
*Designed and refined on the beaches point breaks and reefs or North Cornwall.
*Contemporary parallel outline shape with wide square tail for maximum surface area, rail length and volume.
*Foiled out nose and tail thickness for sensitivity underfoot and management when paddling out.
*Single concave from nose to the midsection, then rolled ‘V’ to ‘V’ in the tail
*Medium full 50:50 rails at the midsection lifted in the nose and tinned out at the tail.
*Moderate low nose rocker to constant curve and exaggerated tail kick.
*Single FCS10” fin box with ‘drill through’ leash attachment.
*Sizes from 8’0 to 10’2 subject to blank availability.

The Stepper was designed with 2 main parameters in mind, to catch waves as early as possible and to be the most stable and forgiving platform for nose riding.
The Stepper is a step forward in longboard design drawing on lesson from the past combined with our up-to-date knowledge of modern performance longboard surfing.
The outline of the Stepper provides for maximum lift and stability ensuring that your ‘take off’ will be easy and you will find yourself gliding around the softer sections of the wave. Step back on to the tail engaging those thinned out rails and enhanced tail rocker to swing the nose into the faster section. The Stepper has now set you up to move your feet gracefully to the nose tip, where the concave bottom shape and generous nose width will give you the time to pull your best pose.
Our boards are all made here in our small factory near Polzeath on the North Cornish coast and you are most welcome to come and see the process for yourself. We do our best to produce surfboards that are amongst the best in the world for quality at prices which importers cannot compete with on a like for like basis. We test all our models before putting them into production and normally have boards here that you can try. We can of course make you a surfboard to suit your requirements in different models, or a surfboard to your custom design with your individual graphic. Next time you are down drop in and see us.
This one is made with a Polyola PU blank. Polyola blanks are highly eco efficient as they are made (blown) in part using recyled products of wood and polyurethane. The best part is that at the end of it's life the blank can be recycled back new. Check out polyola-surf.com for more information.
We send any bought board to you as quick as possible; we do prefer to send boards out from Monday to Thursday on next day shipment. We wrap the boards in bubble wrap and put them in a cardboard box.
If you need any advice about this board or any other surf related matters don’t hesitate to contact us at Escape Surfboards.