9-0 Stickato Progressive Malibu Surfboard


9’0 x 22 ½” x 2 ¾” x 67 litres
Sizes from 8’2 – 9’8
Construction Arctic foam core,
Polyester Resin laminate.
FCS 102 centre box with FCS11 side boxes.
The Stickato represents a significant evolution in the realm of progressive Malibu surfboards, distinguished by its refined features tailored for optimal performance in challenging wave conditions. Sporting a slimmed outline, this board excels in control even amidst the heaviest waves, with a tail shape reminiscent of high-performance surfboards. The distinctive characteristics include a pronounced curve in the outline and rocker, complemented by hard-thinned out rails towards the back, allowing surfers to execute aggressive turns when ridden off the tail.
The nose of the Stickato maintains a modest width but incorporates a deep single concave, providing substantial lift for those enthusiasts who enjoy hanging toes on the waves. This single concave extends back to just in front of the fins, where it seamlessly transitions into a double concave with a 'V' shape, enhancing rail-to-rail transitions and manoeuvrability.
A noteworthy attribute of the Stickato surfboard is its versatility. Whether you're a novice refining your skills or an experienced surfer seeking a dependable all-around board, the Stickato delivers consistent performance across various wave conditions. The user-friendly design encourages progression, enabling surfers to confidently push their limits.
The flatter nose entry of the Stickato minimizes resistance during paddling, facilitating easy navigation both when heading out to the lineup and while setting up to catch waves. Despite its relative low volume, this longboard excels at catching waves early, adding to its appeal for a broad spectrum of surfers.
In line with Escape's commitment to innovation and quality, the Stickato surfboard emerges as a testament to their dedication. Boasting a harmonious blend of stability, performance, and style, it proves to be an excellent choice for riders seeking a reliable and rewarding surfing experience.
To cater to individual preferences, the Stickato is available in a range of sizes, allowing customization based on weight, surfing ability, and its role within your quiver. Escape prioritizes customer experience by offering the opportunitywhen possible to try the boards before making a purchase. Whether you call in or drop by, you're invited to experience the Stickato firsthand – grab one and embark on an exciting surfing journey.

The price includes FCS11 Side bites and VAT.