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The Progressive Mal

£725.00 - Sold out

9’0 x 22 ½” x 2 ¾” x 67 litres

Sizes from 8’2 – 9’8

Slimed out shape for control in the heaviest waves, with the tail shape resembling a HP surfboard, lots of curve in the outline and rocker, hard thinned out rails. Surf this board off the tail and you can whip it into the hardest of turns. The nose has modest width with a deep single concave to give as mush lift as possible for those that what to hang some toes. The Single concave goes back to just in front of the fins where it splits into a double concave with ‘V’.
The rails are low coming down off the crowned deck shape.

The flatter nose entry of the ProgMal offers little resistance to your paddling either as you make your way out back or setting up to catch a wave, so this Longboard catches waves remarkably early considering it’s relative low volume.

This is a sample of a custom version of this design, features epoxy light blue tint bottom, and special printed art work on the deck.

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