Twin Stick

On sale

Standard sizes from 5’6 to 6’6”.

This sample 5’10 x 20 ¼” x 2 5/16” x 31.5 Litres

With a 14” nose width at 1 ‘ off the nose and 15 ½” tail width at 1’ off the tail, the twin stick is a full outlined board giving the best opportunity to catch and rip the smallest and mushiest waves. The bottom rocker curve is continuous and moderate so the board remains active and performance orientated.

The bottom design features single concave from the nose to the tail with a ‘double barrelled concave running between the fins, there is slight ‘V’ at the tail tip to increase the rail rocker from the wing at 8” from the tail to the swallow tail tip. So the TwinStick is very reactive to back foot pressure where the board will pivot on that wing and enhanced rocker line combo.

The deck shape is relatively flat with the rails angled down low to get as much volume into the board for minimum thickness but still having a super reactive rail engagement.

The Twin stick can feature either Future of FCS11 fin systems according to your taste, often surfed with larger side twin fins such as MRX on their own or maybe also with a small trailer fin in choppy or disturbed water. The advantage of modern fin systems is that you can play with fin designs and concepts where here you may choose to surf the TwinStick with a thruster set up.

Smooth, fast, or aggressive surfers will appreciate the TwinSticks versatility. Best surfed smaller than your HP board, or if you are an intermediate surfer choose the size and volume that is correct for your ability, body size, and surf conditions where you wan this board to work best for you. Contact us for advise, we can adjust the size (length, width thickness etc) to suit your own needs.

We have a sample of this board in our demo quiver come and give it a go.

We are selling our 5'10 version which has seen some use.