6'0 Keel Fish Star Burst Marble Tint

£625.00 - £645.00

The Keel Fish is a timeless design that has been greatly updated and redesigned since its inception in the 1970’s.
The modern Keel Fish bares only a resemblance to its fore-bearers. The Keel Fish we make feature a modern bottom shape incorporating a single concave nose and mid section to double concave ‘V’ in the tail. Rails that taper from being moderate volume in the centre section, to thin and refined in the tail and nose. The rocker line features medium nose lift and a small amount of tail lift. The fins fitted will set in either FCS11 or Future boxes, so that you get the benefit of a modern refined fin shape. Fins are positioned further forward than they were in the old days.

The effect of all these changes is that modern keel Fishes no longer suffer from the dreaded ‘tracking’ where the old Keel Fish designs struggled to turn. Now with thinner rails, the fin position further forward and the increase in tail lift a Keel Fish will break out of the ‘trim line’ and give you the best and fastest turns. Keel Fishes are no longer just for small waves, many surfers take them out on the biggest days in breaks such as Jeffries Bay and even Pipeline. You will not be held back by your Keel Fish. Make sure that you choose the correct size that suits your ability, weight, and the wave size you want to use the board in. If you need help with sizing, please get in contact and we’ll give you our impartial opinion. Ultimately we want you to surfing a board you are totally stoked with.
This one is 6'0 x 21 1/4" x 2 11/16" 40 Litres
Features a fabulous multi coloured star bust tint bottom and rail laminate with clear deck laminate, black pinlines around the top rail. Future fin boxes FCS leash Plug. Price excludes the fins which we can supply in either Koalition or Futures models.