8’ 0 The Stealer Mid Length Preowned Surfboard


8'0 The Stealer by Paradise Surfboards

8'0 x 22 1/4" x 3 " x 60 litres volume.

Paradise Surfboards are made in Cornwall so it has great heritage.

This mid length board is in very nice condition having been well looked after. The construction is a Pu classic foam core with polyester resin laminate tinted red top and bottom with FCS11 fin boxes for the side bites and Fins Unlimited centre box which will take all standard centre fins.

The outline shape has the wide point a little back from the centre enhancing the curve of the rail towards the tail, That coupled with the progressive rocker with accentuation of tail lift would imply that this board will surf really nicely off the tail. To enhance it's progressive credentials the bottom shape sports single concave through to double concave between the fins with a little bit of 'V' at the tail block. The foil of the board is smooth and nicely thinned out at the ends and the deck rolls to soft rails at the mid point and forward with a harder tuck at the tail which again aligns the board to a more progressive surfing experience.

This will be a great board for a surfer looking for a more performance orientated mid length whether surfing in the UK or taking on a trip to some lined up waves.

Come and have a look or we can simply put it in box and get it sent to your address. If you want any advise on the suitability of this board for your ability don't hesitate to contact us at Escape.