The Team

Who makes your surfboards? Meet the team that makes your custom craft!

Bill Atlee:

The founder, Escape is the brain child of Bill, he shapes every board to your specifications and over sees production. With a vast range of knowledge from all water crafts over many years, he is one of the most knowledable board shapers in the industry. Have a chat and we are sure you'll find the perfect board with his advice! You can find out all about the history of the factory on the About page.

Curtis Upton:

When Curtis is not laminating all your surfboards, you'll find him at the local most likely on his longboard or fish! His favourite manouver party trick is riding in switch.

Kourosh Zahedi:
Kou is the sander here at Escape, this is where all the finishing magic happens! Kou's job is to ensure all the boards come out looking like a matt or polished dream! He's also taking in Bill's footsteps with his own brand Zedsleds. You'll find him charging on his new Bonzer at the local!

Jack Atlee:

Jack has joined his father to learn the trade! You'll find jack helping around the factory with fin boxes, dings and anything else the boys may need some help on! When he is not learning the key parts to surfboard building. He's out shredding with the boys!

See if you can spot us in the local lineup!