The History of Escape

Bill Attlee at Escape Surfboards Bill founded Escape Surfboards in 1997. Bill says "My first experience of surfboard construction came in 1974, when after surfing already for 8 years I decided that as a qualified boat-builder and now a joiner it would be cheaper if I made my own boards From this came a dedication to the craft and lots of boards made and surfed. 

In 1982 he was co-founder of ‘Lightwave Sailboards’ which with the inspiration of Californian Clyde Beatty was leading the way in defining techniques in making super lightweight surf and sailboards utilising epoxy and polystyrene construction. ‘Lightwave’ went on to become one of the most successful European board manufacturers, we were producing up to 600 sail + 200 surfboards per year, alongside our range of accessories and clothing.

In 1992 he left ‘Lightwave’ to set up business in ‘Brest’ northern France, as a specialist in high performance short surfboards and longboards, he really learnt the meaning of ‘custom’! In 1996 a partner joined the business and Bill was able to return to Cornwall, supplying his French contacts and re-built my UK market.

Since then Escape has produced surfboards for several major companies and continued to produce custom boards to the highest level.